Golden hour

From beach to work, then work to beach.

That's a rough outline of my summer itinerary.

I closed up shop last night, slipped off my shoes immediately and made a B line to—come on take one guess—

the beach.

I had another one of those "wow I'm growing up" moments, as I mounted up the big sandy hill.

 I now walk up with ease, and joy—compared to my 5 year old self who would do a

little bit of 

whimpering for mom to wait up for me. 

Anyway—standing up there, like king of the hill, was invigorating.

Now, I'm a sucker for great lighting—so

the golden hour

makes me 

incredibly happy.

 I mean, to the point where my creative muse hits the roof—people probably think I'm crazy as I jump around and look as thrilled as a little girl meeting Cinderella at Disney World.

But I mean, can you blame a girl?! J



 at that light!