Jacks, gelato & goodies

Italy just



Day two of mom & daughter Italian adventure and it was a full one—full of treats and touring that is.

Of course we started every morning with


 cups of delicious caffe con latte at our hotel—hey it was a complimentary breakfast so bottoms up! 

But a day spent jumping around the city built on canals, climbing up and down dozens of bridges, it called for some refueling....err some sugar.

You scream for ice cream, I scream (we all should scream) for


Molto delizioso

 it sure was. 

We found an adorable pasticceria (pastry shop) and picked up some goodies to bring back to the boys at home—you'd have to ask them if they were good, because they were 

gone in a day.

In the afternoon we spent our time touring St. Mark's basilica and on a walking tour to hear some Venetian history. Our tour ended at—whadda ya know—a cafe on the grand canal.

And why yes, yes we did ordered coffee...if you went to Italy and didn't drink your weight in coffee, or taste everything, did you


go to Italy?!