Like a dream

& a dream it was.

Those cobalt blue capped copulas, white washed villages plastered up and down a mountainside—the place I have seen over and over again in "101 places to see before you die" books, or pinned on every "wanderlust" Pinterest board.

I was in Santorini—or at least I think I was.


still find it surreal

 looking through my pictures and seeing myself there.

Maybe it's because Santorini is


—in every good way it's, how can I put this? Ya know,


My mom and I spent the day doing what we do best—wandering.

First we went to the town Oia—my photos above were mostly all taken there.

This village is the classic Santorini spot, in my opinion, and my favorite on the whole island.

It was quiet, a little overcast but still hot, and not many people were there yet—it felt like the wee hours of the morning, calm.

 & I even found a


 of a souvenir while I was there.

I could not think of a more fitting memento than my green ring (shown above) that mimicked the striking colors, and dreamy atmosphere of Santorini.



I had been saving up my tip money for somethin' good.