Slice of home

Welcome to Split, Croatia.

Did you know the Dalmatian dog originated from right there in Croatia?!

Well, I didn't, and I was mind blown when I found out about it—pretty neat fact, huh? 

Split was a world of its own—some of the oldest sea side towns in the area located right on the Adriatic Sea and all encircling the fourth century AD place of the Roman Emperor, Diocletian.

Full of history & old architecture it was safe to say my mom and I were in our


—I went a little shutter crazy...but what else is new?

We also had an exciting, little coincidence happen to us while we were in Old Town—it might


beat my Dalmatian dog fact...maybe.

I was walking along the pier in Old Town and right there, two feet away from me, parked along side the dock was a boat called "SeaBird" but wait, the hailing port stamped on just under that—

Mystic, CT.

4,000 miles away from home and there in Croatia, was a slice (Mystic Pizza get it?!) of my home.

The thrill I get about traveling is that

no matter

where you are, where you go, what you do, or who you meet,

you learn.

We all have different smarts and talents—I believe traveling and/or just a change of scenery helps deepen and refresh our talents and knowledges. 

Traveling enthralls our creative minds—whether you call yourself innovative or not—different places inspire, uplift, and moreover influence our minds without us (sometimes) even taking note of it.

So, go on, get out there—go explore somewhere new. 

Even if it's just switching up your running route, or spending your Saturday going somewhere in your home town you've never been to—put on your explorer hat and refresh those minds.



J. Crew


J. Crew

Bag; Italy

Shoes; Jack Rogers

Bracelet; Elizabeth McKay


if you happen to be in the market for an explorer hat, there's actually

a website

...if you have a little whimsy in you.