Free to roam

From an herbery to a cupcake shop to an antique store.

Ah a day off—time to finally cross off some of the things on my master "to-see-again" list.

Number who knows what, on that list, was one of CT's own local towns—Chester.

(& Essex, Lyme, Hadlyme and a few others we mixed in)

I grew up going to these town what seemed liked every other day with my mom.

Of course my six year old self sometimes


 about the 20 minute drive, the repeated stops at flower shops and herberys, and, even sometimes the words I now cringe at —"Why another little store?!"

Fast forward 13 years and now


the one driving, taking advantage of the long, scenic route & all the time in the world stopping at every pit-stop that catches our eye and inspires us.

Now, we seize the days where we're both free to roam—and wander & travel we do.