Runnin' round & round

It's July


My, oh my, I cannot believe that tomorrow is August 1st.

July has flown by—my days consisting mostly of work, travel, errands, & beach days.

I just spent this past weekend in New York City with a whole gang of friends from school—I returned home to work, run and pack for a few days before I'm off to Philadelphia to settle my brother into his apartment for school. 

This summer has been a whirlwind—a whirlwind of


that is—but that's what summer is about, right?!

Jam packing your days to the maximum limit of hustle and bustle—cause we only have limited time! Eating ice cream sometimes 2x a day—cause well, you can since summer has no rules.

Finding yourself barefoot 9/10 times and collecting a mini beach in your car from all the sand—cause you can vacuum later.

 & enjoying everyday, every minute, and being in the moment—

cause just like our friends over at Vineyard Vines say, "Every day should feel this good".

I say, ditto.