Familiar roads

Good to see you again, Martha.

There are 2 kinds of vacations.

There's kind where you go and explore a new place on your travel list.

You've never been before, so you soak up any advice & suggestions, and you read review after review on hotels, restaurants, what to see and what not to see—you get the idea...

it's like a research-vacation-run around and see EVERYTHING possible-get-away. 

That kind of vacation is great, don't get me wrong,



best vacations

are the ones where you return to your favorite, beloved spots.

You already know the lay of the land, you know where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and everything to see.

It's like a returning-home-vacation.

That place for me, is Martha's Vineyard.

My family returns to the Vineyard every summer, as well as occasionally in the fall time—no tourist :) 

With just the couple days I had on the Vineyard, I still packed my day with all my favorite things, not wanting to miss a moment.