Merry and Bright

I'm dreaming of a



& sunny and 75 it was—ok more like 55 on the verge of 60—It was a New England Christmas miracle.

Maybe I'm alone here but I've always dreamed of spending Christmas Day like those Aussies and Californians can—Brekkie outside, open gifts, go for a sail and surf, soak up the sun, fire up the grill for Christmas dinner to be enjoyed


and who knows maybe a beachside fire to end the night.

I've put too much thought into this dream.

A cozy


Christmas however is neck and neck with 

my warm wonderland Christmas


 I spent the magical morning cozied up in my home with my family—sipping down cups and cups of coffee, the smell of homemade cinnamon-buns captured the air and the crackles and pops from the fireplace filled the room in a soothing murmur.

Smiles of joy and love were exchanged with each gift and past family memory recalled.

I even got to fulfill my alter-ego surfer girl persona with a stroll down on our beach—a family Christmas tradition—with the sun bright and myself 

oh so merry.

In the midst of my sun-shining Christmas joy, it made me think about why 


 made me so 

extraordinarily joyous, 

compared to other days?

But it was because Christmas Day serves as a celebration—a reminder—to everyone who believes of that day so so many years ago, where the

gift of hope & joy was born.

I am able to live



 in joy & peace because of the gift of Christ coming to earth to die for


sins. I am overfilled with happiness and given a peace of mind as I trust in The Lord to guide my life and I live with the power of the holy spirit within me. 

Now how about that for a Christmas dream?

& on that note I will still keep my hope and dream alive of one day spending my Christmas enthralled in the joy of the sand and sea.


Alexandra LawrenceComment