Monday mojo

Monday we meet again.

The turkey is gone, the midnight madness has fizzled down and break is sadly over.

I'm back at school with only a few weeks left of the semester taunting me between finals week angst  and Christmas break bliss—someone give me a push of motivation on the hamster wheel of homework please.

Thanksgiving break was restoring with just the right

breath of fresh air

away from campus.

Once I was freed from underneath the pile of projects and papers, I ran, bolted (maybe speeded on 95....) back to my old happy domain of Watch Hill.

With the streets deserted, not one boat in the water, and shops empty, it was like a little part of me has been put on hold—or

sent away

for a mandatory vacation somewhere for the time being. 

It made me think while I was there standing there, that 10/10 of life instances, we don't know the outcome. It made me realize

the stress, anxiety and worry

that replace any sense of direction or peace we might have in our minds.

It made me realize the importance of


The importance of having faith in God to

help carry and lead us through

even the roughest and toughest of times.

It made me realize my own

growth in faith

I have experienced over the past couple years. 

It especially made me realize the safest and most secure place I can be at any given day, any given season, time, year—you name it—is within my own heart and soul in prayer.


Alexandra LawrenceComment