Now that's good morning

Every morning, is a good morning. 

I'm a morning person. 

I'm the culprit of the


-morning people's glares and grimaces as they mumble under their breath "why are you so cheerful, it's 7:00 AM".

I have this


 for light.

I just love rising when the sun does—catching every glimmer of daylight there is especially during the cold, short, (sometimes glum) days of winter.

I'd love to tell ya I woke up at 5:00 AM to whip up those fine looking sticky-buns from scratch so they would be ready for breakfast buttttt, firstly, they were whipped up the night before and secondly, I give that credit to my mom.

I did however lay down all of those pecans—now aren't they marvelous? 

I'll tell you what is marvelous—all the gorgeous, natural,



, in all these snapshots.

ugh—makes my heart flutter & my thumb shutter happy every time.


Alexandra LawrenceComment