Casual Friday

Snow + a bad hair day...gimme a baseball hat.

I managed to slip out of NYC this past weekend just in the nick of time before

dun dun dun,

 Juno slammed us here in Providence. 

Many thanks to you, Juno, with those two snow days you let me catch up sleep, school work and more importantly a whole lotta Pinterest pinning.

Back to reality it was though as campus trudged through ankle deep slush and weaved through mounds of snow taller than our


Friar it right now, Friar Dom, just do it.

He is kinda cute though too, can't you agree?! Just a 



Anyway, today definitely called for a hat as the snow started to fall again in Friartown and let's just ignore the subject matter of my hair today while we're on it. 

Black jeans, a white tee tucked in and a baseball hat—now that's quick thinking & chic looking.

I'll be honest, (WARNING: I'm going to be a negative Nancy here for a second) I'm SoOooOoo over winter.

I mean the layers, the slush, the red nose with watery eyes, I've got the winter blues you could say.

A beautiful blanket of white 

snow does help ease the winter pain though—an endless, untouched, blank canvas with new flakes quietly falling, subduing all the craziness and noise around.

But...who wants to start a spring count down with me?!

I'll start...49 days folks...only 49 to go.


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