Town hopping

I'm a proud nutmegger.

No, not like a cotton headed ninny muggins like Elf.

A proud born and raised Connecticut-an


is it Connecticut-er ? 

Either or, I am in love with my state. 

The small costal towns nestled in between the nooks and crannies of the shore line, not wasting one square inch of real-estate.

The picturesque old sailing towns down in my corner of the square state are my

all time favorite.

The quaint captains houses line the street ways one after another—cute as ever.

There is something special about my home to me, the amount of


in New England alone is something any Yankee should be proud of.

There is always a hidden gem around in one of the CT corners, and I'll happily be the one to go run and find it.



Alexandra LawrenceComment