Winter Whites

Order, order!

I rule that white can be worn year round and that the "no white to be worn after Labor Day" law is abolished.

White is undeniably my favorite color.

& yes it

does count

as a color—regardless of what four year olds have to say so about it.

I spent my Sunday slipping and sliding around the ice around downtown Providence—you might be looking at my shoe choice and thinking to your self, "well no wonder why—does she know what season it is?!"

Two things to that—one yes I do know it's winter.

& two—to my defense—I had no boots to wear! 

Don't worry a quick trip to the mall helped me solve that one.

& out I walked with not just any ordinary

below the knee

 pair of boots but instead

over the knee


Yup. Prettttty bad-girl if you ask me—I'm lovin' the edge feel they give me.

Beside my cold toes the rest of me was warm as a cinnamon-bun.

My Woolrich coat is a special 

(and quite needed) 

something that I bought for myself when I was in NYC the other week.

Let me be the first to tell you is possibly the

best thing I ever bought.

Uh huh, I am dead serious. 

I actually take the long route on the way to class now just cause I can—all while staying warm and dry from the wintery mixes.

& wearing white, while walking in a winter white wonderland, now that sounds just fabulous. 


Alexandra LawrenceComment