Cheers to the twentieth year.

It just so happens I was born during the notorious

midterm week.

That torturous week that separates all stir crazy/pale/drained college kids from the bliss of vitamin-D and a "no obligations zone".

It's true, I've hit a new decade—the big 2.0 on March 2. 

Although I did not have any big B-day plans—expect a hot date with the library later that night—I had a wonderful day. 

The sun was shinning, I broke in my new cream & navy tee with my favorite statement ring—cause heck turning 20 is a statement!

The true celebration was yesterday—when I got to check off my last midterm off the list and pack up for a week at home.

When my mind was focused on all the





 I would be spoiled to for a week, my thoughts were quickly sidetracked.

My mother had outdone herself again—a little cluster of gifts 


wrapped in pale blushes, creams and gold—she knows the way to my heart.

Little trinkets, some Lulu, and the new J. Crew style guide—I'd call that a mighty successful Birthday, wouldn't ya say?