O Captain! My Captain!

Our fearful trip is done.

Should I continue on, my fellow lit—or Walt Whit—lovers?

Maybe I'll save it for another day—I


one day that brain mushing exercise (which seemed to stem from that place we call


of memorizing poem after poem would come in handy...sort of.

But O heart! Heart! Heart!

We all have tough weeks.

Some are tough physically, others mentally.

 & some, are really tough emotionally—within our hearts.

But we are to have


 hearts—to be able to recognize emotions, have empathy and display kindness. 

Particularly on those physically or mentally daunting days,


might feel

sturdy with our emotions

and ready to take on a day

full of other's


But that's where we need to hit pause and express our


 for others.

& we need to


 heart in order to do this.

In other words, with our

will & courage

 we can see the light at the end of the "tunnel of tough times". 

  We can have heart to not give up, to try again.

We have heart in order to have courage—to speak up or to challenge ourselves.

So—rise up and hear the bells!

My good ole buddy John has some words for you...

"I have told you these things so that

in Me

you will have


In this world you will have trouble.

But take heart,

I have


the world."