Welcome to my château

Is this what Princess Mia felt like in Genovia?

It's not everyday you roll out of bed & out on to the blustering streets of Paris and find a Starbucks down your street...or the gates to Versailles. 

I had been transported back into classical French style of grandeur & gold & a lineage of Louis.

The saying is still the same in France, although I don't know how to say it in French...the early bird catches the worm, or the metro. It was another early wake up call and a groggy ride out to the palace but filled with chatter and excitement among we girls. 

Little pointer to any student traveling in Paris—bring your passport + visa and you get to fly to the front of the line and get in for free—more euro for shopping of course.

Regardless of the cloudy gray skies we had over the weekend, the gold glistened and glimmered & the palace and gardens stood more magnificent than ever. 

Room after room my breath was taken away. I thought having a wool blanket & fresh cotton pajamas made me feel chi chi but have you seen the lap of luxury inside these walls? 

Well, these velvet walls...where's that wallpaper option in America??

Versailles was a wonder world—a big girls' princess palace dream becoming a reality before her eyes.

If only I could get the keys to the gate of this place...