Little mi in Pari

Parlez-vous Français?

Let's keep this in English though, because I sadly don't speak a lick of French.

But I do speak Parisian architecture, food & fashion.

This past weekend I found myself having quite The Devil Wears Prada moment in Paris—stay tuned for not one but two more post to follow about my whereabouts this weekend in the city of lights.

All I can say is, Miranda Priestly, I'll do coffee runs for you anytime.  

When I flew in over the city Thursday night, the peak of the Eiffel tower stood tall above the skyline, and glittered right on cue. Its lighthouse spotlight twirled around and it was another one of those moments where I had to pinch myself and repeat in my head, "I'm in Paris!"

There is a certain air to Paris, one that I fell in love with instantly.

The city is clean, the buildings are just as quaint as you would imagine them to be. Every street is filled with the most perfect shade of cream, balcony after balcony lined with iron railing, fresh flowers pour out over the windowsills. 

Green trees, now with spots of red & orange, line the roads and just kiss at the top of the buildings. The city is quiet, despite the crowds you'd expect, it seems that you have the city to yourself. 

I'm not sure if it's the fact that as a little girl there are always movies and books of Paris, where the girl goes and falls in love, has a day full of lavish shopping and everything seems to be wonderfully quaint and French or what, but I fell in love with Paris.

With only a little over 48 hours and so much of this lovely city to see, I jumped right into it, head over heels.



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