I spy with my London eye...

Somethinggg, great ahead.

Well, well, my London post here is long overdue—and the wifi here is way behind American-young-adult standard.

It practically took 2 weeks for these photos to upload on this service...Italy come on you've mastered the art of Pasta, gelato, pastry, fashion, architecture, and art but your technology—I give you a 4/10.

Now that that's off my chest and you all finally have photos to browse through let me tell you a bit about my London getaway. First off it was one weekend like no other because I got to finally meet up with my mom after nearly two months of being apart.

I also had the opportunity to do something work related which you will hear about in the near future—stay tuned.

London was a wonderful dose of home:

English + mom + Starbucks + Club Monaco

We didn't have time to dilly dally around, we had a packed agenda of visiting the Tower of London's Crown Jewels, strolling thru Notting Hill, hearing a classic Shakespearean Opera in the Globe, munching on fish n chips, service at Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and of course shopping like the good ole times. 

It felt like home having mom there, but it also felt like home because of something there.

London captured me & something tells me I will be back.