A round of applause

For keeping both my feet on the ground.

Although, Mom & Dad if you're reading this maybe skip a line, I've caught skydive high and there is no cure...whoops.

Welcome to Interlaken, Switzerland. AKA winter-wonder land.

I booked this trip through bus2alps, because after all, if you studied abroad and didn't go on this trip with them, did you really study abroad?!

This weekend might just take home my end of the semester trophy for "favorite country" or "most breathtaking scenery/activities" or "world's best chocolate". Simply put, Switzerland has not seen the last of this lady. 

I am smitten for the Swiss.  

The fun kickstarted at 8 AM Friday, just after I stepped foot off the overnight bus from Rome at 6:30 AM...Praise for the coffee machine in the hostel lobby. I was whisked away to sign on the dotted line & get a strange man strapped onto my back & jump out of a plane.

We like to call this scenario, "having fun".

Which woah baby...talk about having a wild time.

I have to admit, the goggles might not be my best look but I hope you enjoy a few of the snap shots from my breathtaking experience over the Swiss Alps. 

Day two I took a trip to the city of Zurich. I did what I do best—wander & shop & snap some pics in-between. Simple mix for a blissful day.  

The rest of my time I spent in Interlaken—the town nestled in-between two gatorade blue ice lakes. I was constantly outside breathing in that fresh Alps air free of the Rome city-smells and soaking in the quietness that surrounded me. 

I could get used to life there, as I saw the locals walking their dog to lake's edge or families on their boat deck having a cookout dinner. I think why I liked it so much is it was the closest thing to home I've seen. 

who knew that so far away, in between the middle of these massive mountains there was a quaint, quintessential Swiss town, that's character and ambiance made my heart do a little dance. It reminded me of my cute quaint town, Mystic, on the other side of all those mountains, over the Atlantic & across the globe.









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