Winter in Wien

I'll be home for Christmas.

But, first, a pit stop in Vienna to nix off some Christmas shopping. 

It's that time of year again—since in Italy we just skip right over the turkey and potatoes and pie, we have been in cruising in Christmas mode. 

I've had pinned on my wanderlust list for a long time now to go to Vienna for Christmas time. After seeing photos of the wooden manger-like stalls lined up like toy soldiers dishing out homemade Christmas goodies, hot wine to sip on while you shop with the grand palace as your backdrop...I was on Skyscanner before you could sing, "Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer".

Vienna with its Christmas light ambiance and quiet streets made me happy from the inside out. I had a relaxing and leisurely weekend for once, not always running, running to and fro all the sights in town. 

With the temps being much lower than compared to Rome, I had to opt for a little fur to keep me warm. Plus, black on black seemed to fit the bill for simple weekend attire. 

Vienna, thank you for putting the fa la la la la in my step for the trip on home, because honey, Christmas is just around the corner...or a plane ride away to JFK.





Alexandra LawrenceComment