Five more minutes, please?

I feel like I'm eight years old again, being called into the house for dinner, pleading for just two more seconds of living in my imaginary dream world of mermaids and underwater castles—little mermaid over cinderella any day. 

Today's the day where I say goodbye to my beloved Rome. 

Should I go throw my wallet + myself into the Trevi Fountain now?

Rome, you have been one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. You have shaped me and made me grow independently and I've fallen in love. Saying goodbye to this semester is a bitter-sweet feeling.

Sweet that I am enroute to JFK for 9 hours with no obligations and a tiny tv to fulfill my movie-binge needs. 

Bitter in that this is the end.

As I glance back through all my photos and posts, I can't believe that this time has come. It's really made me think about time and how we spend it. I spent much of my time in Rome walking and wandering and chatting...perhaps when I should have been studying. 

But you know what I noticed, when it came to the end I felt complete. The opposite of what some of my friends said, I personally felt like I had seen close to it all, I had no regrets of "not having the chance to do x, y, z". 

It made me recognize that those days I spent with purpose. We have such a beautiful world out there, filled with different history and faces and culture, all readily waiting for us to come and explore. 

All is waiting for us to come and stand in awe. To take the time to disconnect & open our eyes to what is right in front of us.

It's out there waiting to be stumbled upon for us to discover—to become awakened and refreshed. To be reminded how incredible life can be, to have the opportunity to actually enjoy living. To not get sucked into our daily routines, day in and out of moving like lifeless blobs and not provoking our thought or questioning our ourselves. 

That's why I live to travel. I've been moved in my soul constantly this semester that this is something I can do for life—it's not temporary and it's not goodbye to Rome. 

I live to be moved.

I live to stand in wonder of my creator and be stirred with such emotion and happiness of the beauty around me. 

I live to spend my time with purpose. 

So thank you—grazie Roma—for making me realize that there is a whole world out there. 

& times-a-ticking. 




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