We made it

Bikinis, bare legs, bunnies & birds.


We are in the clear folks—it is spring and we have made it.

School is winding down once again to a close and students are bombarded with final papers, projects and presentations...oh what fun!

Is it just me or does everyone else find it extremely difficult during the spring semester to even hold a pen let alone read a book??

Perhaps it's just me—or maybe the student body of Providence College cause well, if you haven't brushed up on your latest NCAA ice hockey...we're national champs.

Yeah, now try to write a paper with all the ruckus and celebration going on outside your window—I consider it study break time.

The days are of the essence however since this is my all-time favorite time of year for OOTDs. Mixes of shorts and sweaters, blazers and dresses and boy oh boy the plethora of shoes to choose from! 

My mantra for spring is to keep it fresh, feminine and throw a little leg out there cause after a winter like we just had...hallelujah for bare skin.

Even if it's lily white.

So here's to all the spring sundress and leg one can show before someone calls you out for pulling an Angelia, cause honey we made it and spring can stay for quite some time, I sure don't mind.