Mojo Monday

Cinderella story. Outta nowhere

My weekend was less than the usual you could say.

For one it was 70 degrees—holy smokes!

and two, I had a killer game out on the links...or aka campus quad. It was the biannual PC golf party and you know what that means;

Lilly Pulitzer galore, Jack Rogers are a no brainer, and so much Vineyard Vines print you start seeing little lobsters and MV signs printed everywhere. 

It's a sure sign of spring and that the end of the semester is near—ah!

But sugar we're not quite there yet so here's where my job comes in to deliver a MBL classic—Mojo Monday.

I have to admit, I've been wanting to hide under a rock lately/put my head in the sand and close my eyes to all of the work I have stacking up on to-do list.

So what does one do when she is just beyond overwhelmed and doesn't know what to think?

She calls her mom.

So this Mojo Monday is brought to you right from mama—so listen up for some wise words.

She told me that God is training me in my steadiness—that I should not let unexpected events throw me off course (little golf pun there intended) that I should not wavier when I am inundated with emotions, work or responsibilities.

That I need to always remember that HE has my life in His hands, His control, His timing.

I should rather respond calmly & confidently because I know that He is with me.

This is how God lives in me and how we can work through our little, worldly problems that seem like such a daunting thing right in front of us.

We must remember that we have the power of God in us and on our side—It's basically like having the best caddy ever who has played the course 100+ times and can help guide us out of those sand dunes we somehow seem to keep rolling ourselves into. 

He is there to hand us our next club—provide us with the wisdom and tools we need to face everyday.

He is there as our golfing glove and visor—protecting us against the elements and the evils we face everyday.

Now get out there on those links, your caddy is waiting.