Aix marks the spot

What is France without an open market?

Well, simply just not France.

Day one of my European adventure started in Provence, France. I traveled up to the small quaint town called Aix en Provence—the quintessential small cobbled streets with little bakeries and cafes tucked in-between.

The quiet French murmur of conversation overheard as you walk through the market, ladies shopping the stalls with their arms stacked yet carrying their load with a certain kind of elegance. 

Aix had a certain something.

a certain je ne sais quoi.

With the French I think they hold a certain ease of beauty.

To me, a proud and eternal aesthete, It was far from difficult to find beauty in nearly everything. From the handmade rounds of goat cheese pressed with fresh herbs, to the lavender sack I bought from a 103 year old woman—that lavender better work me wonders! 

Aix marks the spot for the hungry traveler that will be fulfilled with delicious fruits, cheeses and pastry all succulent with flavor and that French charming love. 



Dress: Forever 21 find // Hat: Capelli