Color me French

I've never met a color I didn't like.

The name Mediterranean blue sure does stand true.

After spending the majority of our morning meandering & munching our way all throughout Aix, we headed to an ocean front town called Cassis.

They are known for their Rosé and famed by these rock formations and cliffs that create numerous inlets along the coast line and create the ideal private, picture-perfect beach getaways.

There's always sometime left in a day for Rosé, right?

Down the hilltop we went, on the one winding road that ran between the vineyards headed for a little town nestled at the foot—that was our guy. 

As if the marina was not jaw-dropping enough and tickled me rainbow inside, we hopped on a boat for a tour of the calanques;

Looking back at the marina with the multi colored buildings and boats all up against this pristine,, no, no.

This blue was indescribable. 

I'm telling you, I have never seen a blue so brilliant—so clear yet so intense.

Let's put it this way, I was so shutter happy that in this stop alone I took about 150 snapshots of just the water alone.

We weaved in & out of a number of calanques, each one offering a stunning after stunning panorama. I opted for the front row seat and spent much of the time peering over the edge straight down thru to the bottom of the seafloor. 

This was deep water mind you, but there was no fogginess, no obstructions, nothing at all that would muddle your vision to see right to the bottom.  

I guess this blew me away because thinking back on it, that's not how life—or New England sea-water—goes.

You don't have a clear stream of vision to see the end of a situation—or life for that matter.

That dang seaweed always seems to get in the way & then a jellyfish really sends you swimming another direction—the ocean just has an innate capacity to be filled with these natural obstructions and barriers. 

Sounds a lot like life huh?

How's that for your mojo Monday.