Buon viaggio

Free to Rome & wander.

Finals = done.

Move out = sadly yet satisfyingly accomplished.

Packing for Europe = work in progress...

With T-minus 7 hours until my mom and I jet set off to Barcelona, you would think I would be a little more concerned.

But, not this chick and not today—I am already welcoming European time and frankly the Mediterranean sun + 5 bikinis and a sun hat sound like just the ideal wardrobe to me.

I have to admit...I love packing. 

I"m not sure whether it's the planning & organizing or coordinating & outfit making that mesmerizes me, but it makes me happy.

So boy oh boy just wait and see what I have coming up in store for you.

Follow me through Rome, Provence, Nice, Capri and other stops along the way on Instagram for the next few weeks—I promise I won't try to disappoint.

Ciao e buon viaggio for now—I've got to start to dig in to this gelato...or I mean packing.