Puddles in Pisa

As the saying goes—when it rains, it pours.

But what like to say is that when your suitcase provides a bountiful selection of sundresses & sandals, it just means you are optimistic about the weather to come.

*lightening cracks*

Flashback to a few weeks ago and picture me scurrying along the Italian roadside as I squeeze onto the rickety metal handle of my tourist destination umbrella (hey it was 5 euro and I'm kinda growing to like it) and it starts to rain kittens...and then cats...and then dogs. 

& then I think a whole zoo.

Oh look the leaning tower of pisa is in sight!

Lightening fires off again...I think the tower leaned four more inches.

Then the storm clouds parted and light shone down on the lone little roadside flower shop—with an espresso bar. 

A God given pick me up to say, "Only a little bit farther; it's worth it".

& that it sure was.

We were the first people there of the day—a rarity. The rain ceased to a light mist and the grass was supple and sparkling with the moisture. The marble glistened and the lawn of Pisa stood still and silent.

It was captivating.

The baptistry, church and bell tower standing alone in their magnificence and beauty—I couldn't help but be led by my feet in awe around the grounds.

Those picture I had seen all my life of this little leaning tower. One, he's not so little! 2. Holy smoke he IS leaning!! 3. I cannot believe this was built by the hands of men 600-800 years ago.

I mean, how much cooler can Italy get?!