Changing courses

A day spent at sea sounds fabulous to me.

There are many things that can make me happy—but nothing like the open ocean.

Growing up with the sea literally being my backyard, I've adopted this craving for the fresh & salty air all day, everyday, any season. 

The mediterranean kicked my cravings to the curb.

As we sailed from one seaside town to the next, I was never short of getting my salty fix. Our next stop was Corsica—a quiet French world of brilliant blues, warm colored stucco buildings and thin, quaint streets for miles.

Dozens of French eateries lined the seaport & we enjoyed the simplicity of walking the town. 

You know what else I enjoy the simplicity of?

White on white.

With a dash of gold—or navy.

& once again the mediterranean did not leave me hangin' but left me to debate "this white top or this white top with these white shorts?!"

Important decisions to be made here whilst on vacation people!

But it was time to take a different tack & find ourselves a new pair of coordinates.

20 knots, full sped ahead to the boot of Italy & we were underway.