Trotting in Taormina

I feel like the queen of town hopping.

Domestically or internationally, give me a starting point and you'll find me quite a ways down the road—or coastline.

In this case, I had to hop on a boat down to Taormina, Sicily. 

After sailing thru the Messina straight and driving up & around the weaving roads we reached the zenith of Italian towns.

The main cobblestone drag lined with Pasticceria e gelateria e negozi—mama mia!

 I stood in center and spun with all my love for Italy, bliss.

Narrow alley ways shot off in each direction—still cobblestoned of course but following a different pattern, beautifully laid to showcase a true craftsmanship. They lead down to who knows where, perhaps another secret gate or a hidden gem within this mountain town.

I think that's what captivates me about traveling, exploring the unfound gems, finding the beauty in each day and each little thing—whether it's the cobblestones orrr a nice little leather purchase I just couldn't pass up.

Italy. Leather. Come on, no brainer.