How Nice & Ez-e

Cannes you believe I had a red carpet moment?

For our third and fourth day in France we stayed in Cannes—which also happen to fall within the same exact dates of The Cannes Film Festival;

How posh that Blake Lively and I got to breath the same air for two days!

Cannes was all hustle & bustle but that did not deter us from swimming upstream thru the crowd of movie-goers and celebrity-spotters to find our way to the shopping stretch. 

Itching to go explore more of this corner of France we had done our homework and scheduled in our agenda to visit Nice, Eze and Monaco.

We hopped in our taxi and whirled up the winding roads along the French coast for our first stop, Nice and then on to the next small mountain town, Eze.

As we climbed higher and higher we entered a world of the past.

The smallest, cutest—almost figurine like—stone built town had been perched and built into the peak of the mountain many, many years ago. & here I was twirling and swirling in the land of Eze.

It was magical to say the least—my own red carpet moment. 

After coming down from my fairytale high I found up on Eze, we headed further down the coast to Monaco—another wonderland corner of France.

After these two days, it was safe to say we came, we saw, & we conquered the south of France...

Our next stop? My Italian homeland—evviva!