When life gives you lemons...

You make Limoncello.

At least when life brings you to Capri, Italy—that's the rule. 

& that's, that. 

I simply cannot leave you hanging out on a limb like that when I consider Capri to have been one of—if not the most—remarkable stops on our European adventure.

We were up before the sun, in the ferry by dawn and cruising right toward the small isle. Heading to the famous land of the capri pant & my personal fave, the Jack Rogers sandal.

Capri has had her fair share of Trip Advisor reviews that claim her to be a "tourist trap! Nothing to see but rocks and overpriced shops; it's scuzzy and overcrowded".

Well, Trip Advisor, I guess I like rocks. And overpriced shops.

Don't listen to random people on the internet... :) 

Capri was a day full of magic & beauty—we kickstarted the morning by heading for the Blue Grotto, a sea cave along the coast of the island that sunlight shimmers through that ends up creating this magnificently bright blue, awe-inspiring glow within the cave. 

It's only by small row boat that you can enter through the (even smaller) mouth of the cavern. So it was, down into the belly of our rowboat with our Italian row man standing above us. Dozens of these boats huddled together waiting one by one to duck, slip & tuck with the wave through the 3x2 opening.  

We were up next and as quickly as I could say 1, 2, 3 or rip off a bandaid—we were inside. 

Holy. Blue.

Now this. THIS was true Mediterranean blue.

This moment was surreal—this luminescent glow surrounding me, swallowing up my emotions. As I rock back and forth in a row boat, just floating in this majesty. Our boat man begins to sing Volare, his buddies don't miss a beat and pick up right with him. Stomping their feet in the pits of the boat to the beat of their voices. Slowly. Slowly, I'm lost. 

Is this what Heaven is like?

I'm not sure if it was the boat or me shaking, but it was just one of those rare moments where you become so truly captivated by beauty and magnificence that when the moment's over your almost in shock.

Ancora una volta, Giuseppe! 

One more time around!

& so we went. Just our one lonely boat, floating through the Blue Grotto.

& one by one the others ducked and slipped out the same way we all came in and it was at that moment, sitting in the pits of an old row boat, that I truly lost track of time...

I blinked, and like that, I found myself back out in daylight & my watch started to tick again.