New York, New York.

Home of the pizza slices, the bagel, and what I think to be a killer cup of coffee. 

One of my favorite things about the city is the nearly endless & ever-changing selection of eateries & cafes, & store fronts and stoops. 

Each one has been brilliantly crafted with gorgeous branding and stellar interior aesthetics—what more could a girl like me want?!

I had to head to the big apple bright and early to apply for my Italian visa. I had some time to kill when I arrived to the city so, of course, I stopped for a cup of coffee at the #1 java spot to try on my list—Ralph's.

White beadboarding, exposed polished wood ceilings, touches of green and the scent of fresh brewed beans..uh hullo heaven & aesthetic bliss. 

30 minutes easily killed. 

Fast forward a few hours and I was all Italy-official with the rest of the day all to myself—but, I needed a little pick up before exploring. I was already on the Upper East Side and it was hot so what's a few more blocks for froyo? 

Worth it in my book. 

Whenever I am given free time in any city I like to carve out a specific area to go explore—I plan out what sights to see, where to stop & shop and of course I look up the cutest coffee stops. & then I play it by ear and always stumble upon new findings and collect cards and tokens to one day return.

On my list was Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe, in the West Village—which I'm sure you've seen their scrumptious food donned over your Instagram feed—I just had to join the hubbub.

I think if I had to find an apartment tomorrow in NYC, I'd live smack above Bluestone Lane.

 The West Village is for sure not short of great restaurants and great shopping...I might have to call up a realtor today.