Dolled up

A little touch of femininity can go a long way.

I am not one for makeup. 

In fact, I wore mascara for the first—and last—time to prom circa 2011. 

But what I am for is femininity—Soft, light-catching, natural yet sweet.

Ya know, it must be Lady-like. 

There's only one place to go if that's the look you desire and that is Sephora—aka what used to be my most dreaded destination. Seriously, I thought of a Sephora trip to be as dreadful as what most people would think a trip to the DMV, or Verizon Wireless or the dentist. 

Me, makeup? Um no and no thanks. 

But over time as I have experimented more with my makeup, I realize I can create a soft, natural and feminine look with minimal makeup, in under 7 minutes. 

Now THAT, I'm into. 

I start with skincare. I have to admit I'm a skin regimen stickler—no ifs ands or buts, it's like clockwork every morning & night; Face washed, masks if needed, creams on, moisturize.

The way I see it is if you have clean & clear skin that you feel confident in, then what's the need for all the makeup to mask it? 

Well...cause it's fun I know—it's like finger painting on your face.

So here it goes, what I find to be my 7 minutes in makeup heaven:

Laura Mercier foundation primer + Nars radiant concealer + Make Up For Ever HD concealer on. Laura Mercier smooth finish flawless fluide in Dune AND chestnut (here's where the finger painting comes into play) on top of hand, mix two until the perfect skin-matching color desired, is achieved.  

My Beauty Blender Buddy then does his magic and dapples and dots Laura's glorious fluide to a flawless finish. +Make Up For Ever HD pressed powder to finish + Laura Mercier bronze across the facial T.

& my favorite feminine touch to finish the look is a smear of Nars blush stick & blush powder on the apples of my cheeks and upwards. 

& then if I'm feeling extra bold perhaps a rosy lip to match it.