Mojo Monday

I need my mojo back in my Monday.

I think I also need another refill on my coffee...again.

This rain today has my beach mode down in the dumps and my summer clothes fussing to be taken outside—when will my beach days come?!

I figured it would be more than needed this Monday for all of us to have our mojo back.

I'll be honest, as I mostly always am with you, this weather is raining on my parade—literally.

But what it has done today is made me sit in complete stillness. No Instagram, no magazines, no noise, no outside world for a little while. & with that I was given a choice within my own either

a. think of the things I have to do, want to do, my future, my obligations.


b. Turn my worries, tasks, to do lists, into prayer and relieve my mind, body and soul of those stresses. 

After all, we spend so much time thinking & planning ahead about what needs to be done in order to achieve—when our plan can be changed and thrown off when this bump called life gets in the way. 

I enjoy to plan—I plan my day every morning, I plan my week ahead every Sunday, I like to be on time and for things to run smoothly.

But ya know what? Sometimes you have to scrap the plans, crumbled up the planner and throw it away...well actually it's too cute to throw away. BUT I can mentally erase my plans for a while.

I can tune into God and see what He says I should do now and next in order to achieve. I can rely on the master planner to schedule my day and pencil in my future.

& with that I can feel free and just simply dream of my next beach day.