Plug your ears...

Cause I just ordered a winter coat.

& you might just send me hate mail if you hear me say, I am actually starting to dream about fall.

What can I say, nothing gets my blood pumping quite like a camel colored, buttery smooth looking wool, cocoon coat. Or a sleek & fitted crisp white parka with coyote fur hood that just hugs you through those tough winter months as you trudge from lower to upper campus thinking, "I can't feel my toes. This is actually miserable. Does this professor take attendance? Will warmer days ever come?!"

Can you tell I had a traumatic winter in Providence?

Well ladies, I think we can all testify that warmer days have blessed our presence yet again, but we still can't help ourselves but think—while the sweat trickles down the side of our face—

"Fall, boots, Barbour, pumpkins, where are you?"

Just like a true fashion connoisseur, you always must be one season ahead. So, while we enjoy kicking back on our beach days & soaking in that summertime sun...we can shop online for some fall necessities. 

I have tried to be on-top of my game for fall shopping because I need to be packed and zipped into a suitcase for my semester abroad in Rome—in t-minus 25 days—eep! 

Good thing mom will be visiting partway through to do a little coat swap for me.

The question still remains though, how does one girl pack for an entire season in one suitcase?!

Well, I'll tell ya my answer—you first pick your essentials & then you buy them for quality not quantity.

Anytime I have splurged on a high end coat, sweater, shoe, etc. I can feel the difference, the product withstands the wear of time & I kinda get sad when I have to pack them away for the season if needed—they become your favorites & your go-tos. 

Packing is also about editing.

Anddd we all know that dance we jig to in our head over the wedges, the going out dresses, the 2 lbs necklaces—what if a hunky Italian asks you out, we just might need those things!! 

My solution?

Say YES to the date, NO to the wedges from home & just go shopping in Italy. 

Perfetto, eh?