One road to Rome

& the yellow brick road.


The golden hour @ the Vatican...

Game. Changer. 

To put the cherry on-top of our Euro-travel sundae—or should I say gelato cone—we ended our journey in Rome—the eternal city.

24 hours, 1 Italian map & 496 sq miles, could we be that eternal?

Due doppio espresso, per favore—ok now we're invincible. 

We stayed at a quaint & darling hotel located in a piazza only a hop, skip & jump away from the Trevi Fountain—which was sadly still under maintenance—we made our way through the crowd but I sadly did not quite have my Lizzie McGuire movie moment of the coin flip and all that jazz. 

It was time to buckle down to business however—time was a tickin', we wanted to make it over to the Vatican before we walked and walked and gawked at the beauty we saw in everything.

Those Romans, man.

They knew how to build some magnificent looking buildings, and didn't spare any details.

Up & over the bridge to the Pope's house we go and here is where I witness the greatest golden hour of all golden hours. The bricks that lay leading up to the opening of the massive court were actually glimmering gold. The sun disappearing behind the Vatican, kissed the entrance of pillars.

Once more, I stood in the center of the majestic court, now empty of tourist for the day, and spun round & round just in awe at the grandness.

I say one road leads to Rome because this was it. The yellow brick road, that illuminated path which sealed the deal in my heart that Rome is where I meant to be. I will be returning to the eternal city in 40 (holy crap!) days to begin my year of studying abroad.

Deciding to spend my fall semester in Rome was a last minute add on—I sure had no qualms about it while in Providence signing the paperwork—but to be there walking on the ancient streets of my new city, enraptured by the elegance around every corner...

I knew, without a doubt, that my Mastermind-life-planner, had already penciled me in to return here.