Dressing Room Diaries no. 1

Club Monaco, you make me crazy. 

Crazy in love.

I was in the city yesterday and stopped by Club Monaco's beautiful flagship store on 5th avenue. My fall senses must have been firing because I had just arrived merely the day after they revealed the brand spankin' new fall collection.

These pieces are not even online yet, the sweaters and coats had not even been slipped on yet—obviously I had to help these guys out and try on everything.

Duty calls, right?

With a color palette of soft grays & pinks with clean white & navy & black, I really could not go wrong with anything. 

So, I do what I do best in these kind of situations...grab one of everything and hit the dressing room. 

Club Monaco, you and your knit crops + high waisted skirts won my heart over.

I have to say, maybe walking around campus in these killer get-ups I'd be slightly overdressed, even for Friartown. But I just simply could not pass us on one of these emsembles...and I'll guess you'll have to stay tuned to what I wear taking on the streets of Rome. 



Alexandra LawrenceComment