Buon pomeriggio to you and buonanotte to me.

This might not be the smooth blogging transition I had hoped for but hey I'm an Italian running on leisurely Italian time now.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that (or if you've been hiding under a rock I'll fill you in) I have arrived in Rome! 

I am moved in, ill-slept *but well fed* & have already had to buy a toothbrush. My new life abroad has already begun and I'm wrapped up in complete joy. 

It truly does feel surreal—a casual walk home from class and I find myself cutting right thru St. Peter's Basilica and all its magnificence. 

Or a simple taxi ride out to the pub for the night and we wiz by the Colosseum lit up arch by arch and we see ruins to our right and to our left as we walk and dance on history beneath our feet.

It's these little thing I've come to realize that still have not hit me yet—it has not sunk in that I am here, this is my home, I know these streets, I understand the language, I'm not a tourist.  Yay!!

Maybe it won't hit me until I'm back home, maybe it will wash over me all at once one day when I'm out on my evening run thru the cobblestone streets.

I'm not sure when reality will strike but I am just peachy with living in this Roman-Lizzie McGuire-fantasy for a little while longer.



P.s. stay tuned for my Cinque Terre trip coming up next




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