Mojo Monday

Ok so it's actually Wednesday.

 But who is counting the days when you are in the eternal city people! 

Not this ragazza. 

It marks the third week that I have been here in Rome and update, I still don't think it has hit me. Slowly but surely I am beginning to realize this is no vay-cay from school—I actually have papers due. 

Slowly but surely I am learning it's 110% acceptable to eat gelato at 11:00 AM and again at 3:00PM.

Slowly but surely I am realizing that I love this city and I dread the day I have to leave. 

You how the running joke of NYC is that every street corner has a Starbucks? Well, in Roma, every street corner has a piece of ancient history. Plus a bar where you can get an espresso...even better.

It's amazing that little ole me, me, gets to walk on streets that are 4,000 years old. I get to be in the city that has been written and spoken about since Bible times. 

Talk about a throwback. 

For my Theology class here, we have the opportunity to step outside the classroom every week and go on site to visit the very places that we read about in our textbooks. We get to analyze the New Testament chapter by chapter and watch the story of Jesus unfold & then go step foot on site where the earliest Christians once stood & stood up for their faith.

The days here never get old—just like the history that is embedded in every nook it seems to get even better with age.

...just like the wine & cheese...



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