Cheers Croatia

What a water-ful weekend. 

You'll get to know the drill around the time weekends roll around, it's time to travel.

For my first big weekend away I went to Split, Croatia. If you've been a MBL follower for sometime you might remember my travels there a few years ago

This time was different in that it was a weekend full of sun, sand and swimming not touring and trotting around town—not that that's a bad thing but hey give me a sun-kissed tan any day over a t-shirt touring tan. 

As I departed Rome on Thursday evening, I questioned the adventurous side of myself that said, "yeah 16 hour bus ride that sounds fine" versus the practical side that would have simply responded "you might want to look into's only an hour you know."

Adventurous, naive, slightly stupid voice was louder that day.

Regardless of the time it took to get to Croatia, it was well worth the wait. I consider Croatia to be one of those underrated and under the radar kinda countries that you probably only hear of old couples traveling to on their two week long Mediterranean cruise.

Well well, start looking at flights folks because it sure is not the old people hang out. Full of rocky beaches, outdoor eateries, small shopping, boat day trips and island hopping, I was sure not short from a good time.

Friday kicked off with some fun in the sun and lounging by the sea and by night we had headed out on the town to go dance around the local discotecs with quite a lot of Aussie students on holiday.

Saturday we were up & at em to catch our boat for a day of island hopping around Brac, Hvar and Solta. A day full of bare feet, a bikini and no schedule was music to my ears. We made multiple pit stops to jump into the water, lay out on the rocks and to even swim and climb through an inflatable playground with trampolines and igloos. 

All in all, it was a weekend of play—it made me grateful for the 16 hours back to Rome where I could sit in comatose and not even have to blink. 

Now, were to next weekend?




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