1 & a 2, and a 3, 4, Cinque Terre.

While the sun is still high, hot & mighty I need to get every last dose of vitamin D from the big guy—so what better way than to head to the beach land of Italy, Cinque Terre.

It was a steep wake up call in Rome at 5:00 AM in order to head to the Termini Station to catch our train down to the southern shore of Italy—but in a matter of 3 short hours we had arrived to the first town of La Spezia.

We boarded the local tram and circles around the rocky edge to Manarola where my internal Pinterest travel board was overloaded by the view—the stacked multi colored buildings on top of one another hanging at the mouth of the cliff...this is what Pinners only dream of seeing in real life.

After the photo op it was on to the next most important part of the day—lunch.

We hopped off the tram in the town Vernazza where my little New England heart felt at home in this small seaside fishing village. There was only one thing tickling my tastebuds, and that was seafood & I needed it asap.

Well, Cinque you know how to make a girl happy—what's better than calamari, shrimp & fish via a to go cone. 

PSA Italy, I'll take anything you offer me in any form of a cone—gelato, calamari, fries, what's next pasta??

I kid you not folks, it was the best tasting calamari/fried seafood I've ever tasted. Sorry New England, you might have a little competition. 

After we were fueled & fed it was on to the height of our day—literally. We were hiking from Vernazza to Monterosso on the old trails used by the Italian farmers to get from town to town.

A little over two hours & two miles later plus layers of sweat, we had reached our final destination—the beach.

Please note no photos were taken during the duration of the hike due to the isery & agony of the heat and climb. But minus the heat stroke and 1/2 of my bodily fluid lost, if I were to go back to Cinque Terre today, I would hike it again & again. 

So ladies and gents, I guess this means another check off that list of places to go & see.





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