Colors of Copenhagen

The Danes have got it going on.

Denmark has hit my euphoria of design, typography, food, winter dressing & just about anything in-between. 

It seems as if the Italians or the French are always the ones given the credit for good eats, great dress & even better shoes.

But really, I think Denmark has me locked in on their heathy, fresh eats + bikes + monotone dressing + sneaks to add that sporty/effortless feel.

I'm in Copenhagen for a few days and I already have my bike picked out—'s a tie between the two in the first picture, what do you think?

I've been running all around town and traveled north to Hillerod this morning to see Frederiksborg castle. I have found that the No. 1 perk to traveling in the wintertime is that most places are deserted—just you and the locals...& always that one couple taking pictures on their selfie stick—you can never escape them—EVER.

 Copenhagen is charming, quiet and my kinda city. Every street has a different coffee shop with big floor to ceiling windows facing onto the road. Next to them, one after another, are locally owned shops filled with innovative home-ware, minimalistic leather goods + jewelry, and the signature Dane winter-wear...scarves.

& everyone is so kind and smiles at you thru the bitter cold air outside. There is a Danish word, "hygge" which my little barista told me this morning translates loosely to coziness or creating a warm atmosphere even thru the darkest coldest days of winter. 

In short, enjoying the good life you have + the good people. 

I think that's why these people seem like the happiest people on Earth, & I'm all about it.



Alexandra LawrenceComment