Let's go north

Sorry to interrupt but this is urgent.

I just did the most amazing thing & I'm overflowing with excitement that I need to start typing, so let's start here:

I went to Norway

I really could just end this post right here, right now, and let the photos do the talking because simply, my trip left me speechless and it felt like I passed out and awoke to all these crazy cool pictures in my camera roll—so let's see what I can recount here for you.

Leg one, I flew into Bergen. A seaport town on the southwest side of Norway (see my nifty map I included) that kinda reminded me of my home seaport town Mystic. There wasn't much else to do but wander around the local neighborhood in all its cuteness & quaintness. 

Leg two, the fjords. The theme of this part was planes, trains, busses, trams, boats, and automobiles. I took every method of transportation I could to get to these fjords—and boy did it pay off. 

When my fjord cruise started that's where I know I just got lost in the pure, raw beauty of nature. If it boiled down to what keeps on fueling me to go & travel, it would be moments like these—where I feel small.

Not small in a diminishing or demeaning sense of the word at all—but instead the sense of being a just one teensy-tiny, itsy-bitsy spec on this Earth. 

Those moments when I jump out of an airplane over the Swiss Alps, or stand before a grand palace or in this case, float down through the middle of a massive fjord and look up to what surrounds me...I'm left silent. 

I'm just constantly amazed at how beautiful this whole world is. How many places there are to go & see and how many maybe have never even been discovered. This world is pretty awe-inspiring if you ask me, and if you ever need a reminder of that or something refreshing...

Go breathe in some Norwegian air.







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