I'll be home

For the sun & sea & city.

Ah, freedom. 

I can say "see ya!" to fall semester—which I happily sing sayonara to finance and stock evaluations. 

As always, I headed right for the beach for some salty sea therapy and the warmth of the sun to warm my windblown cheeks and nose. 

But you know, something amazing happened that day besides the crystal clear ocean. 

I experienced a surreal moment of silence. 

So quiet I could actually hear...well, nothing. There wasn't a car engine to be heard or even one bird chirping—it was GLORIOUS. 

I stood there for about 10 minutes in pure bliss & let out a breath of relief. 

I needed that restoring moment to carry me into the next day when I headed to the big apple. The city gives me that same mojo, though—the hustle & bustle, the go-get-em attitude and the ever growing list of things to do.

It's that dual love of silence & hustle that I fuel up on. 

It's in both of these atmospheres where I am rejuvenated & inspired. 




Alexandra LawrenceComment