You know what day it is

It's Wednesday, obviously.

By the look on the face in the 1st camel shot, you can see my joy of finally riding a camel and the pain of not actually being able to open my eyes to see it in the downpour.

But, I've got the photos to re-live it and I hope I added some humor to your hump day. 

Morocco was a land of color, mosaics, true linen, silk rugs, genies and lamps, desert sand, elegant doorways and talkative people. 

I truly had never experienced a place quite like it yet, and it was refreshing to feel like a new traveler for a weekend. 

I've had my fair share of travels though out Western and Northern Europe, and here little me was in Africa. A whole new culture, cuisine, lifestyle and values. 

It took a little while after I returned home to Italy, that I was able to digest what I had seen, touched, heard, smelled and tasted in Morocco. 

I think I might still be chewing on it—good thing I snapped a few hundred photos, I picked out only some of my favorites to share with you here. 

Let's scroll & put off Wednesday's work just a little more...