Sunny in Sitges

I needed sun + salt. 

This semester, something that has really become exciting to me is that since I travel solo, my weekend agenda is completely up to me to decide, plan and navigate—and even waiting to the last minute to do so. 

Now, anyone who knows me knows that, "Procrastination" or "I have no plan" are a few phrases rarely ever spit off my lips.

But, with as much traveling as I have been able to do this past year I've grown very comfortable, confident and uh a little cocky? I've cut down my airport arrival time to 30 minutes prior to boarding, and I've learned that 99% of the time I'll find a map and figure out my way around. 

It's been extremely relieving to not plan every weekend...just see what comes along. 

I say this because that was my weekend in Sitges, Spain. I was craving the beach. This feeling is hard to describe to people who don't live along the water—your skin, lungs and brain become addicted to this salty air and you need ice cold waves circling around your ankles. 

The sun + the salt is invigorating, it is restorative.  

So, to me, Spain = stellar beaches. 

& I had not yet been...

I'm there. 

I booked an easy non-top to Barcelona and found a 30 minute bus that brought me to my heaven. 

I was that girl on the beach, with my luggage, pants rolled up and feet in the sea.

It was 9:00 am.

Sitges was quaint and everything I had envisioned Spain to be. A coastal-surfer-vibe & attitude, cobbled streets that all lead to the sea, and Tapas. 

Spain, you spoke to my soul. 

So back to that point I was saying earlier about "having no plan", that was Sitges. I happily ran along the promenade, sat in the sunshine, wandered thru the gothic quarters and ate my Tapas.

I loved Spain so much that I booked a flight back for the next weekend.

Stay tuned.