Rosé all day

I'm feeling quite fancy.

Get ready to pop your pinky up whilst drinking from your floral teacup because we're serving up some homemade garden rose water. 

hum, divine. 

I was inspired recently by my mother's front garden— the tight deep pink rose buds now in full bloom transforming into the softest, princess like pink. Our brick pathway scattered with lady-like petals as if it were a wedding isle. 

That classically elegant rose smell got my creative juices wondering what could I make and that's when I instantly thought of rose water spray. 

An easy royal-like treatment that gives any gal a feeling of posh luxury to spritz and re-fresh during the day with garden roses—isn't that what we all dream of? A bathtub full of floating rose petals? 

Yes, well, that's what I tried to boil down (quite literally) into a spray bottle. 

And HEY, it worked. 

My result was the most baby-girl like pink that just, well, tickled me pink. 

My water resembled the crisp, chilled rosé poured right out the bottle with the French green country side as the back drop. The sweet scent matched that of a delicate macaron being pinched between my thumb and forefinger just waiting for me to break thru its crisp almond-y shell. 

I Ooooh-ed and aahh-ed for about 15 minutes over just the color then I took a whiff and I knew I was just shy of being a rocket scientist. 

Ladies (& gents who like roses) you've gotta try this at home.