Pack it

Nantucket edition.

Only a few more days to a secluded beach haven + seaside-home inspiration up the wazoo.

I'm days away from peddling a pale blue bike with a wicker basket that's packed & piled with hydrangeas as I push down along the small gravel driveways...ok I've been caught day dreaming on here again. 

But now is the time—packing list time. 

Cause heck if I do get to ride a pale blue bike around the island, I want to look like straight out of a J.Crew ad while doing so, right? Right on. 

So here I've made a quick visual list of what will be in my weekender bag:

Swim suits.



Plus a few relaxed tees for the beach, face mist and a tote...I've seemed to forgo the pants/shorts options so hey, 

When in Nantucket.