It took four years, but PC finally put a ring on it.

Save the date ladies and gents, May will be upon us before we know it, but PC and I are fully committed for life. 

Senior Ring Weekend (SRW) is a Providence College tradition—a weekend spent celebrating our class and at the end, we earn the greatest token of our Friar-hood, our class ring. 

The weekend starts on Friday night with a club night & then the ladies get to slip into their finest gowns and the boys tie up their bow ties for a formal affair.

As I sit here in the library at my usual mahogany wood table, I can look out over the impeccable landscape of Friartown; I'm trying to find the right words here, to describe how I feel while wearing my ring;

I feel accomplished, wiser, honored, joyous. 

There are dozens of adjectives I could insertbut by far I am transformed.

If you know me, you know I adore Friartown. Heck, I could write a book about how much I love this place. But, believe it or not, Providence College was never a goal of mine, in fact, it was never even on my radar. 

Throwback to college application time, senior year of high school, I had my own ideas of where I thought, I just HAD to go to college. 

Cue in a handful of rejection letters and you've got a girl left scrambling, in January, to figure out where to apply next. 

The name "PC" was thrown around a number of times, but all I knew was that it was in RI and had this hooded Friar thing as it's mascot...uh it was kinda creepy? 

I had no idea what was to come.

I was clueless that Providence was my soulmate.

Little did little me know, PC would fulfill me, challenge me, force me to grow spiritually, & every day, makes me excited for the future. 

When I think about PC, I well up with tears of joy; happy tears for realizing The Lord (not me—wait whaaat, I know, I was wrong) knew all along where I belonged...

Right here, in Friartown. 





Alexandra LawrenceComment