Back in Cope

Do I look familiar? 

Well, I might not because I have no defense or excuse for why I haven't written to you all in A MONTH.

Honestly, I have been on a Wi-Fi hunt to find a server mighty enough to upload just two photos  for you all, but the weak signals and spinning loading circles have me nauseated. 

I guess Italy would rather pour its heart & soul into perfecting pasta sauces and creamy gelato...

& ya know, I'm okay with that.

We'll just call that past little month hiatus a Wi-Fi cleanse.

Now onto the good stuff. I promise you I have not been that exciting. I've been traveling solo and beside plane rides, wandering new cities and homework, that's been my life abroad.

But, not this week—'cause it's Spring break. 

Bring on the sunshine, boats & beaches and tan the gloves, closed toed shoes and rosy cheeks...? 

Did I just do spring break wrong?! 

Definitely not in my eyes. First off, this wonderful lady I call my mom, met me to go sailing down Norwegian Fjords and take a bite into traditional Danish smorgasbord. 

Living large I'd say. 

We both then jetted off to Vienna, Austria for some Easter egg hunting in the Easter markets and to see the elegant (plus cute) Lipizzaners do their strut in the Spanish Riding Academy. 

Lastly, it was back to Firenze to celebrate Easter in good ole Christian style—in front of the Duomo where they blow up a cart...

I know, I lost you there right? 

Yes, blow up a cart with dynamite—nothing says, "He is Risen!" like a iron dove flying out the front door of Santa Maria Fiore and colliding with the cart to induce a 20 minute long firework display. That'll stick the message to ya, huh?

He is Risen indeed. 

So that's where I've been and what I've been up to. So for those of you that worried I had fallen in love with a beautiful European man and ran off to get married by the seaside—that hasn't happened yet.

But stay tuned.